A few weeks ago, ONO (Tretbox) was invited to pitch it’s innovative concept for future mobility in cities at the Open Hybrid Lab Factory (OHLF). We were selected and awarded for the forward thinking and innovative concept with our cargobike and it’s integration in densely populated areas as a permanent and more importantly, much cleaner solution.  Current solutions, such as  the diesel powered trucks currently roaming in Europe and beyond are not only harmful for the environment, they are also a main reason for traffic jams. We’re here to change that.


Pictured: ONO co-founders Philipp Kahle and Beres Seelbach with the Open Hybrid Lab team with our structural prototype in the background.


Members of the Open Hybrid Lab personally delivered this achievement to the founders of ONO. This opportunity also opens the door to future joint ventures in manufacturing and testing for parts.


Above image and Cover image credit: ITS mobility/Lars Landmann