Welcome to the new us. We are proud to launch, ONO, our new company name and image. Most importantly, we are relaunching our vision for the present and the future. We decided that in order to build something BIG, we needed to set our ambitions higher, beyond anything we would have imagined.
Sounds a little crazy? Good. We want to make a difference, a strong and impactful one. A passion born from our deep sense of responsibility to impact the world in greener, more inventive, and positive ways. We will carry this enhanced mindset and determination to every road we travel, from here in Berlin, all the way to your home, and hearts. Because, ONO, is far more than just an Electric Cargo Bike.

So why ONO ?

ONO – for it’s simplicity, elegance and calmness. In it’s simplest form, we see infinity; infinite loops of connected, smarter and green mobility.

ONO- At the same time for it’s potential to be elastic; serious when it needs to and bold and playful when it wants to.

ONO – for holistic, flexible solutions to better connect people and their goods. Replacing dated, bulky and polluting transporters with solutions that make sense. Allowing businesses to have a flexible product that can offer a platform for ever-changing needs.

ONO – For vehicles that are deeply connected with the needs of drivers. We often talk about quality and feel. Making driving our vehicle something they will look forward to and enjoy.

ONO – For connected systems and community exchanges, including city hubs. Making neighbourhoods and cities feel smaller and more accessible.

ONO – A closely connected team who share similar types concerns and passions. Where honestly, opinions and critique are encouraged. Open with almost no hierarchies, allowing for room to exploration and curiosity.

ONO – but above all, it is a design and feel that deliberately sets itself apart from standard B2B culture in terms of its colors, playful shapes and composition.
We want to empower both fleet operators and drivers/ users. Empower them will the feeling of freedom. Freedom from traffic jams and emissions- creating space instead of obstructing it.

For those who don’t know, Tretbox, in German comes from the word “Tret”, which means “kicking”. While playful and startup-y, we realised we needed something we could relate to that addresses our greater perspective.

At this point, we have completed important financing from the Wolfsburg AG and two private, family oriented investors. We have conducted road tests and feedback rounds with large potential customers and finalising our pre-production prototype. We intend to go after multiple European markets in 2019. For the rest of our roadmap, you will have to get in touch 😉

We would like to thank all who have supported us until now in sharing our  vision for better connected and greener mobility in order to make cities more enjoyable. A special thanks for the Kids creative agency for challenging us and helping us come up with such a unique concept.

Join us in building the new mobility circles of tomorrow.
It’s just starting.