Delivery service uses the ONO for emission-free deliveries of unpackaged products

Pasta in deposit jars, fruit in cloth nets and dishwasher taps in paper: the startup alpakas relies on reusable packaging across the board. The Berlin-based delivery service for unpackaged groceries has been supplementing its last-mile fleet since the beginning of December with the ONO eCargobike from ONOMOTION GmbH. This means that the startup’s more than 500 organic products arrive not only quickly and efficiently, but also emission-free. alpakas uses the slim vehicle in numerous districts of the capital to deliver its weekly shopping to customers, but also to transport the reusable containers back to the warehouse in Berlin Mitte. A clear advantage here is the functionality of the three-wheeled utility vehicle, which is legally considered a bicycle, but with its design and 200 kilogram payload is clearly oriented towards vans. The drivers always stay dry with the ONO because of the cabin and the underbody protection. You can easily avoid traffic jams and benefit from the removable and wheel-mounted container-module, which has a capacity of two cubic meters and offers enough space for the sturdy jute bags. As a result, the container-module can be filled directly in the warehouses.

“Food delivery has grown enormously in popularity, but often delivery and content are all about convenience. We offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative,” says alpakas founder Simon Chorzelski. In addition to the zero-waste principle, emission-free delivery with e-cargo bikes is an important building block in the delivery service’s sustainability strategy. ONOMOTION CEO Beres Seelbach adds, “ONOMOTION’s visions of livable inner cities and the zero waste philosophy at alpakas are the perfect match. The ONO provides alpakas with a vehicle that allows riders to deliver effectively in cities year-round, while being protected from the elements and splashing water.”

The ONO brings the unpacked organic products to the doorstep
The consumption of packaging waste in Germany is increasing every year. At the same time, the Corona pandemic has helped food delivery services grow. alpakas counters the rising mountain of waste by preventing it from being created in the first place. The startup sources the goods in bulk. In the spacious and modern warehouse, employees fill the online orders into reusable jars, cloth bags or compostable packaging and then store everything in sturdy jute bags. The fully loaded ONO then delivers food to doorsteps on weekday early evenings and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings and returns to the warehouse with the returned containers. Orders that arrive one hour before delivery times can be delivered the same day.

Weatherproof cabin and underbody panel protect rider from the elements
alpakas relies on the milkman principle: “Our riders drive a previously optimized route with the ONO to be able to serve as many households as possible on one tour. In this way, we also relieve the burden on our drivers,” explains Chorzelski. These are also protected from the elements in the cold and muddy season with the weatherproof cab and underbody panel. The detachable container module of the ONO also proves to be a clear advantage for alpakas. On the one hand, the containers can be detached in just a few steps and rolled down a ramp into the warehouse for picking, and on the other hand, the delivery service can separate goods and returned empties with the help of retracted shelves. The groceries are not delivered on the back of the drivers, but in the transport box. “This allows us to provide them with a stress-free and uncomplicated workplace,” Chorzelski says.

Batteries with a range of 25 kilometers each provide the power for the drive
As a rule, two rechargeable batteries with a range of 25 kilometers per battery charge provide the necessary propulsion for the ONO. This is perfectly adequate for a delivery tour with many short stops within a radius of around five kilometers. When the ONO is back in storage, the batteries are recharged overnight with green electricity. alpakas uses ONO in the rental model, Vehicle-as-a-Service. The agreement includes, among other things, regular maintenance, comprehensive insurance, any wear-and-tear repairs and access to Swobbee’s battery exchange facilities.

About alpakas

alpakas is a sustainable delivery service committed to a zero-waste approach. Headquarters and launch area is in Berlin. Alpakas 2021 was founded by Tomy Eitner, Antony Roczek and Simon Chorzelski. alpakas prepares for customers a daily delivery offer of sustainable food and household goods. In Berlin, the delivery service offers more than 500 products. The startup delivers in the districts of Mitte, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, Moabit and Euopacity, as well as partially in the districts of Neukölln, Friedrichshain, Schöneberg, Pankow, Reinickendorf and Wilmersdorf. Other cities will follow.


ONOMOTION is a European tech company based in Berlin. Its goal is to improve the quality of life in cities by rethinking urban logistics. The company integrates smart networks between micromobility, standardized containers, the physical internet and AI to provide efficient and sustainable logistics solutions. The result is a dramatic increase in efficiency and sustainability. The eCargobike, the ONO, is in use by customers in a number of German cities. ONOMOTION currently has 50 employees.