How our Head of Design discovered his passion for new mobility concepts

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have been fascinated by technology of all kinds since my early childhood, from Legos to computers and cars. I discovered my creative vein at a young age in creating countless Lego stop-motion films and the corresponding small websites and gained my first experiences in spatial and graphic design.

After my community service, I did a Bachelor’s degree in vehicle technology in Dortmund, followed by a Master’s degree in transportation design in Milan.

I love to harmonize form and function and to develop technical and visual concepts together with the ONO team and to make them a reality.

If Borussia Dortmund isn’t playing on the weekend, you’ll probably find me at the dog park with my wife Lina and our Cocker Spaniel Zorro.

When did you join the team?

When I came to ONOMOTION in mid-2018, I initially developed interior concepts for the 1st prototype of the ONO. I have gradually taken on tasks in ​​surface modeling, visualization, conception and design of components of all kinds and today, as Head of Design, I am responsible for the design of the ONO, its modules, new vehicle developments and corporate design.

How has your team changed since you began?

Since I started at ONO, the company has grown and matured incredibly. At the same time, however, we have retained the start-up spirit in such a way that we continue to develop solutions together and exchange ideas in a uncomplicated manner. I am confident that as we professionalize our operation, we will maintain our spontaneity and one or two after-work beers.

Why did you choose to work for ONOMOTION?

My initial passion for classic car design has already developed into a more holistic interest in new mobility solutions during my studies. Ultimately, I was won over by the vision of a new vehicle class of light electric vehicles for urban areas. Murat and Philipp were the ideal mentors to promote my interests right from the start.

Lukas’ team is hiring!

Intern in the Vehicle Design department of the Product Development team