New ONO Summer Edition hits the streets with more flexibility and comfort for a wide array of sectors

Berlin, 27th of June 2023 – ONOMOTION, the Berlin based tech company that manufactures and markets purpose-built urban mobility solutions has introduced the latest iteration of its electric cargo bike ONO. The new ONO Summer edition will be available until the end of September at lower monthly cost compared to the previous edition, starting from €499 net including service and maintenance in selected cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Bochum and Magdeburg. It also brings a number of changes that greatly improve the user experience, allowing for a wider array of use cases in sectors like craft, facility management or intralogistics.


One new key feature is the addition of a more adaptable container module, allowing customers to finely tune their container to better perform job-specific tasks. This updated container module provides options for intermediate floors, better cargo organization, clothing racks, and integrated sortimo shelving solutions. 

Other significant changes include improved ergonomics for a comfortable full day use. In addition, the new model can now be flexibly entered and exited on both sides. This not only ensures the ONO is perfectly suited for use in cities with narrow streets as well as inside facilities or warehouses. The ability to operate the ONO without a driver’s license, and the versatility provided by the new modular container module means the barrier to entry is almost non-existent.

These advancements combined take the ONO from a sustainable and more efficient alternative to conventional ICE vans in the CEP sector (courier, express & parcel), to one that is tailored to the needs of a larger range of service industries and new markets. At the same time, it is a direct answer to the increasingly on-demand nature in those sectors, enabling workers to get more jobs done in a day in less stressful manner. 


For instance, electricians, painters, or plumbers can now comfortably and safely place their entire equipment like toolsets, buckets or ladders in the ONO container and ride to their customers’ front doors – without losing time in traffic or looking for parking spaces. 

Same goes for intralogistics, where ONOs can now be very efficiently used for commissioning/decommissioning materials within or between warehouses on large campuses. 

“When we started ONO, the goal was to create a truly purpose-built, emission-free cargo-bike solution for last mile logistics” said Co-CEO Beres Seelbach. “With this update, we go above and beyond that vision. We took a lot of feedback into account when developing this new model – we believe it will provide a far better experience for our customers over the traditional ICE vans we aim to displace in a number of sectors,” adds Co-CEO Philipp Kahle.

ONO vehicles first hit the street in november 2020, rolling out in major cities across Germany. Since then, they have seen significant adoption from major corporations ranging from UPS and DPD to MEWA. The purpose-built e-cargobikes present a zero-emission transport solution in industries that have previously relied on oversized, and expensive to operate vehicles such as ICE cargo vans. 

The new ONO Summer Edition is available for order up until September 30, 2023.