Here you can learn more about our conditions for returning a vehicle (in German).

Instruction videos


The display is not responding

Software failure

The ONO is not starting

Empty battery

Insert the charged battery → Section 5.2: “Akku wechseln“, Page: 36

Watch the relevant service video here.

Missing battery

Insert a charged battery → Section 5.2: “Akku wechseln”, Page: 36

The battery is not correctly positioned in the holder

Check the connection between the battery and the holder → Section 5.2: “Akku wechseln”, Page: 36

Try the battery hard reset

Reduced range and power

Increased stress due to heavy load, incline or headwind

  • Do not exceed maximum load of 290 kg (incl. container-module)
  • Reduce assistance level
  • Increase your own pedaling power

Insufficient tire pressure

The pedal resistance is too high / too low

The gear is not adapted to the driving situation.

Check the travel gear → Section 5.7.1: “Fahrgang einstellen”, Page: 45

The driving resistance is too high

Damage in the drive system

Contact customer service.

The battery does not charge

The connectors are dirty or damaged

  • Disconnect the charger from the power supply
  • Check the connectors on the battery and charger and clean them carefully if necessary

The battery is not correctly positioned in the charger

  • Check the connection between the battery and charger
  • Insert the battery correctly

Charger faulty

  • Replace the charger
  • Contact customer service

Battery faulty

  • Replace the battery
  • Contact customer service
Reduced braking performance

The brake pads are worn out

Contact customer service

Pressure loss in the hydraulic brake lines

Contact customer service

The brake discs are dirty or worn out

  • Keep the brake discs free of grease and oil
  • Degrease brake discs with brake cleaner
  • Contact customer service
The container does not connect to the vehicle (the indicators do not flash)

The container connection is not positioned correctly in the power supply

The contacts are dirty

Keep the contacts dry and free of grease

The container cannot be unloaded

The container wheels are jammed


The container door does not open

Incorrect RFID key fob used

Use the correct RFID key fob

The container is not activated

The container battery is empty

  • Load the container onto the base vehicle → Section 5.13.2: “Container aufladen”, Page: 64
  • Contact customer service

The container is faulty

Contact customer service

The start-up assistance does not work

The brake is not applied

The brake is not sufficiently applied

Apply the brake more firmly

The proximity sensors are not responding

The alarm tone in the control menu is deactivated

Activate the warning tone in the control menu → Section 5.15: “ONO konfigurieren”, Page: 69

The ONO switches off automatically

The protection mechanism of the battery is activated

The parking brake does not lock or release automatically

Software error

The vehicle is rolling on a slope

The parking brake is not activated

The vehicle rolls on a slope, despite activating the parking brake

The slope is too steep

Park the vehicle across the slope

Parking brake (FSB) does not lock completely

Calibrate parking brake (FSB)

  • Open master menu. → Section “5.16.1 Opening the master menu” p. 70
  • Navigate to the “Settings & Calibration” submenu.
  • Calibrate parking brake.
  • Press “Confirm” after the corresponding menu item.
Container door lock does not close

Calibrate lock container module

While the container door is open, hold the RFID chip on the reader and unlock the lock

Battery / electronics problems occur

Perform battery reset

  • Remove the battery
  • Press and hold the button on the battery for 10 seconds until the battery lights flash.
  • Reinsert the battery

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