So our journey began.

We first focus on urban logistics, moving goods around cities in ways that are sustainable, efficient and cost-effective. Our vehicle and its modular platform system, with easily swappable modular units, meets the needs of city logistics. From moving food to flowers to furniture, the possibilities are endless.

ONOMOTION’s founders, pioneer in e-mobility solutions, Beres Seelbach, former head of design at Mercedes and Volkswagen, Murat Günak, and light electric vehicle expert and engineer, Philipp Kahle, sought to rethink and reshape modern urban transportation. They put together a forward-thinking group of designers, engineers and creative thinkers who shared their vision of transforming urban mobility.

Trailblazing emission-free transportation

ONOMOTION is a Berlin-based e-mobility company introducing the ONO E-Cargo Bike, combining the flexibility of a bicycle with the capacity and durability of a van. We offer environmentally friendly urban logistics solutions designed and optimized for cities of today.

ONOMOTION’s milestones and timeline

May 2016: Foundation of Tretbox GmbH: production of the first functional prototype of a 4-wheeled vehicle for passenger transport as a substitute for a secondary car

Spring 2017: Pivoted to e-cargo bikes for city logistics

August 2017: Pre-Seed Financing by Investitions- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (a 100% subsidiary of Wolfsburg AG)

2017 — 2018: Performed customer tests and trials, created initial functional prototypes for the CEP market

February 2018: Seed Financing

November 2018: Presented the first two design prototypes

Q2 2019: Manufactured two near-series prototypes

July 2019: Start of the pilot project phase

Q2 2020: Series A-Financing and rebranded name to ONOMOTION GmbH

Oktober 2020: Start of production and delivery of the Pioneers Edition to customers including names like Hermes, DPD, Tier, and Mailboxes Inc.

Reliable partners

Mercator Leasing

Our partner in vehicle financing is Mercator – reliable and with a passion for mobility.


Our customers are fully insured with comprehensive insurance through Zurich.

Smart Design and First-Class Technology

ONOMOTION pays attention to quality when selecting components. This guarantees durability – and is practical. Because we have placed a strong focus on ergonomics and ease-of-use. And the whole thing – from the first pen stroke to delivery, design, construction and assembly is “Made in Germany”.

Price on par with Service

This pays off for our customers. With a wide variety of contract models and on request – service and maintenance – we meet the highest demands in terms of predictability and reliability.

Highest Quality and Maintenance Standards

You can rely on us. From production to spare parts supply and maintenance, we are there for our customers. All-round service made to measure!

See for yourself

The ONO E-Cargo Bike for sustainable urban deliveries of goods.

Get the product

Set out to change the world - the ONOMOTION team

Our employees at ONOMOTION

ONOMOTION – that’s us, a dynamic group of individuals working together to provide innovative, reliable and disruptive urban mobility solutions. We want our cities, districts and neighborhoods to feel closer and better connected! Meet the team that is making this vision a reality.

Beres Seelbach
Co-Founder | CEO
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Murat Günak
Co-Founder | Chief Design Officer
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Philipp Kahle
Co-Founder | CTO
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Inga Töller
Head of Marketing and Communication
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Mathias Drews
Head of Sales
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Luise Braun
Project Manager
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Ole Dörband
Head of Purchasing
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Peter Schubert
Head of Service
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Norman Löffler
Lead Product Engineer
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Sandra Hamann
People & Culture Manager
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Benjamin Federmann
Chief Innovation Officer
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Funding and support

This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 960713.

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We are doing the utmost we can to make our vision come true. We want to change inner-city mobility. We work as a team, enjoy our work, and welcome everyone who wants to work with us to achieve these goals.