So our journey began.

We first focus on urban logistics, moving goods around cities in ways that are sustainable, efficient and cost-effective. Our vehicle and its modular platform system meets the needs of city logistics. From moving food to flowers to furniture, the possibilities are endless.

ONOMOTION is a Berlin-based e-mobility company introducing the ONO e-cargobike – combining the flexibility of a bicycle with the capacity and durability of a van. We offer environmentally-friendly urban logistics solutions designed and optimized for cities of today.

Trailblazing emission-free transportation

Bringing our vision to the streets. And it wasn’t with a well-trodden concept. The goal was an entirely new vehicle category: the e-cargo bike ONO for sustainable urban goods traffic. A hybrid between an electric bike and a car. It allows faster and more efficient movement, saves space, protects the environment and saves resources.

ONOMOTION’s milestones and timeline

  • Founding of the company
  • Creation of first prototypes for passenger transportation
  • Pre-seed financing
  • Implementation of customer tests
  • Creation of initial prototypes for the courier, express and parcel sector
  • Seed financing
  • Public presentation of the design prototypes
  • Start of the pilot project phase of the ONO in the Pioneer Edition
  • Start of production
  • Rollout deliveries to customers
  • Expansion of service infrastructure
  • Launch of Logistics-as-a- Service in Berlin
  • Ceremonial opening of our own production facility at the new location in Berlin
  • Several hundred vehicles on the road
  • Growth at further locations in Germany, UK, France & Belgium
  • Release of ONO Cargo & ONO Allround

See for yourself

The e-cargo bikes ONO Cargo and ONO Allround: our solutions for sustainable urban deliveries of goods and campus management.

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Set out to change the world


ONOMOTION – that’s us, a dynamic group of individuals working together to provide innovative, reliable and disruptive urban mobility solutions. We want our cities, districts and neighborhoods to feel closer and better connected! Meet the team making this vision a reality.

Murat Günak
Co-Founder | Chief Design Officer
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Philipp Kahle
Co-Founder | Co-CEO
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Inga Töller
Chief Marketing Officer
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Mario Knape - CFO
Mario Knape
Chief Financial Officer
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Norman Löffler
Lead Product Engineer
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Ole Dörband
Head of Purchasing
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Christoph Gödecke -
Christoph Göckede
Head of Product Development
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Steve Budde -
Steve Budde
Account Manager
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Christoph Beißwanger -
Christoph Beißwanger
Head of Electronics
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Lukas Schmitz ist Head of Design bei ONOMOTION.
Lukas Schmitz
Head of Design
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Pierre Ritter ist Head of Disposition bei ONOMOTION.
Pierre Ritter
Head of Disposition
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Beres Seelbach
Co-Founder | Co-CEO
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Funding and support

Join the ONOverse

We are doing the utmost we can to make our vision come true. We want to change inner-city mobility. We work as a team, enjoy our work, and welcome everyone who wants to work with us to achieve these goals.