City logistics reorganized: ONOMOTION focuses fully on e-cargobike business and hands over logistics service to pickshare for scaling up

Berlin, Dortmund, June 29, 2023: The successfully established business segment Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) within ONOMOTION GmbH will be transferred to pickshare GmbH on July 1, 2023. This strategic decision will allow both companies to focus on their core business, with Berlin-based e-cargo bike pioneer ONOMOTION focusing on the development of e-cargo bikes for the B2B market. The last mile professional pickshare from Dortmund is now scaling the sustainable circular process in city logistics. The market for individual and sustainable logistics is growing both in terms of manufacturers and the demand for services on the part of end customers.

f.l.t.r. Philipp Kahle (Co-CEO, ONOMOTION), Björn Marc Paulus (CEO, pickshare) & Beres Seelbach (Co-CEO, ONOMOTION)

The Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) business unit was successfully established at ONOMOTION under the leadership of Benjamin Federmann. LaaS is an efficient, sustainable logistics service for companies that want to put their logistics processes in the hands of a reliable service provider, conveniently bookable, also as a whitelabel solution. The core team, consisting of Benjamin Federmann, Carsten Leverenz and Tim Dierselhuis, has already successfully established this concept with many customers and partners. The growing business will now be integrated together with the team at the Dortmund-based last-mile startup pickshare to enable a more focused and even faster growth on both sides and to use synergies.

The CEOs Björn Marc Paulus of pickshare, and Beres Seelbach of ONOMOTION, agree that this step offers enormous added value. “It is the right time to scale with LaaS. We have successfully built the business. Now it is time to scale it with a specialist. Both companies will thus be able to focus on their core business and offer the right solutions for the growing customer base of sustainable city logistics,” says Beres Seelbach, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of ONOMOTION. Björn Marc Paulus emphasizes: “With the integration of the business unit LaaS and the associated team, we are pleased to gain competent reinforcement in this field and to position pickshare in the current market environment. This enables us to offer a holistic range of sustainable delivery services, city hubs, zero-emission vehicles and fully integrable software systems to our customers. This enables us to cover the entire value chain from zero-emission parcel services to ship-from-store, e-commerce, e-grocery and fully integrated omnichannel services.


ONOMOTION is a European technology company based in Berlin. The company’s goal is to improve the quality of life in cities by rethinking urban logistics. The company combines micromobility, containerization and physical internet to make city logistics much more efficient and sustainable. The e-cargo bike, the ONO, is in use by customers in many German cities, with a first pilot in Paris.



pickshare is a technology-oriented full-service provider for sustainable logistics services. With their platform, the specialists from Dortmund focus on the implementation of efficient, circular logistics with the highest social and ecological standards. The goal of the company is the implementation of an anticipatory and consolidated city logistics beyond today’s standards. To achieve this, the company operates infrastructures in 11 cities in Germany and Austria. The vision focuses on the delivery experience without a guilty conscience and turns the front door into a new point-of-sale experience for its retail and logistics customers.