Minister of Transport Visits ONO

Photo: Janine Graubaum for ONO

Recently, ONO’s team and founders had the honour to welcome Germany’s Minister of Transport for the NRW region, M. Hendrik Wüst. 

During the visit, ONO’s founders had the opportunity to exchange their vision in the mobility sector — both for people and goods. They exchanged ideas on multiple topics such as changes in the urban fabric with the growth of e-commerce and parcel delivery.

Afterwards, the Minister and his team were shown ONO’s current developments and future plans as well as our testing and prototyping facility. We hope these ongoing discussions will help impact future policies for German cities, bringing about new and innovative solutions such as those ONO is proposing.

About ONO: We are an e-mobility startup based in Berlin, Germany. We are currently disrupting first and last mile delivery with a new category of electric vehicle, offering logistics companies more flexible, cost-efficient and better-designed solutions.